Our multidimensional academic method liberates the students from traditional limits and allows them to study thoroughly from a variety of perspectives, creative platforms, and methods.

Bal Bharti School strives for academic achievement by developing policies and implementing them in a way that ensures a balance of academic activities.

Our academics consist of studies, syllabus, academic standards, textual content, supporting document, extra-curricular activities, and capacity building programmes to boost the overall development in children.


Bal Bharti School believes in providing kids with a holistic education and preparing them to meet the challenges of the future.

Highly qualified experts lead the sessions of grooming with the goal of instilling confidence, improving communication, developing linguistic language abilities of specific interest, passion, and skills.

The faculties also focus on teaching students about fine etiquettes,politeness, contributing aesthetic to one's appearance, talking and walking, and cultivating overall optimism and liveliness.

Learning Is Fun!

Education is about enlarging your horizons. It is not about giving them ready-made answers as information. It is to have an active intelligence which constantly searches and seeks and looks at everything in every possible way. Above all, to know the joy of wondering about life. At Bal Bharti School, learning is fun. Our mission is to help children fall in love with learning. The concepts are made easy by adding enjoyment through play way methods.

Counseling Sessions

We also provide counseling and support to students and their parents at Bal Bharti School. Educators from a variety of fields come to the school to give special lectures and host awareness programmes about various career paths.

We also offer unique programmes targeted at de-stressing kids and resolving issues with quick and unrestricted learning.

Counselors and psychologists conduct extensive discussions and sessions with the parents in order to give them an advantage in dealing with the issues that may occur when managing their children at home.

Healthy Competition

Our School’s students are divided into four houses based on the name of influential leaders like Gandhi, Nehru, Patel, Subhash.

All the activities and competition are among the students divided under these houses. It encourages teamwork, commitment, and fair competition among the students of Bal Bharti School.