Assessment Policy

Assessment Policy

Bal Bharti School aims at child centric education with holistic development. Classroom assessment and evaluation are concerned with quality improvement in students' knowledge and learning which also give useful information for improvement in teaching methods of the teachers.  A strong academic curriculum is followed with emphasis on experiential learning through planned class-room activities, audio visual aids and Multiple Intelligence lesson plans, Digital modules on the Smart Boards supplement the teaching learning process in all classes.

  • Report Cards of the students are based on the assessment / evaluation done on day-to-day observations.
  • LKG and UKG:
    • There is no formal examination for students of classes LKG and UKG. The children are assessed based on day-to-day observation, through general discussion and revision worksheets. A checklist is also prepared at the end of each term to verify the child's conceptual understanding.
  • Classes I-IV:
    • The grading system for these classes is an overall assessment of a child's performance in class which includes written as well as oral skills. Projects, assignments as well as day to day observations also form an essential basis for the evaluation.
  • Classes V- IX: Scholastic Area:
    • The assessment structure and examination for classes V to VIII comprises of two terms.
    • Unit Tests:  One Unit Test is held in each term tentatively in the months of May & December.
    • Two major examinations i.e., Half Yearly Examination and Annual Examination are held in the months of September & Feb/March (depending upon the CBSE board date sheet) respectively.

Internal Assessments

Internal examinations give an excellent opportunity for the students to practice for the assessments.

  • Instructions for the students regarding internal assessments
    • 20 marks internal assessment is provisioned as per the CBSE norms.
    • Periodic tests: 10 marks of internal assessment are from periodic tests.
    • Notebook Submission: 5 marks of internal assessment are for notebook completion and correction for each subject.
    • Subject Enrichment Activities: 5 marks of internal assessment are kept for Subject Enrichment Activities.
  • Activities are as follows:
    • Language 1 (English) – ASL
    • Language 2 (Hindi) – ASL
    • Mathematics – Mathematics laboratory practical
    • Social Science – Map and project
    • Science – Practical laboratory work
    • IT – Practical examination
  • Classes IX to XII
    • As per CBSE norms.
  • Discipline
    • The students will also be assessed for the discipline, which is based on factors like attendance, sincerity, overall behaviour, values, cleanliness, respect towards the staff and school's rules and regulations, attitude towards society, nation, and others.

Examination Rules

Students must not skip any of their periodic tests unless they are sick. If a student misses any test, he/she will be awarded zero in that examination, there is no provision for out of turn special tests. Students will not be permitted to leave the school after the periodic test is over, they need to attend the full day school. When students cannot take exams, parents are advised to notify the school or the class teacher in advance. During the examination period, students will not be permitted to leave the examination room.