Assessment Policy

Examination Rules

Students must not skip any of their periodic tests unless they are sick. If a student misses any test, he/she will be awarded zero in that examination, there is no provision for out of turn special tests. Students will not be permitted to leave the school after the periodic test is over, they need to attend the full day school. When students cannot take exams, parents are advised to notify the school or the class teacher in advance. During the examination period, students will not be permitted to leave the examination room.

Mandatory Docs

  • Affiliation Certificate
  • Society Registration
  • Fire Safety
  • Structural Safety
  • Health Certificate
  • CBSE board result 2020-21 to 2023-24
  • SMC-members 2024-25
  • Self-certification
  • NOC-State Govt
  • PTA-members
  • Academic Calendar 2024-25
  • Fee Structure 2024-25
  • Land papers