Bal Bharti School Library, known as the KNOWLEDGE RESOURCE CENTER, provides academic resources for all the constituents of the school -students, faculty and administrative staff. The library consisting of more than 10000 books, fictional and non-fictional and periodicals, strives to make resources readily accessible when and wherever they are needed. We believe in inculcating a reading culture that enhances and compliments the education system. Also, Reference Books and Magazines keep the students abreast with all that’s happening around


We believe that all textbook learning shall be accompanied with hands-on experiences. To this end, the school has three well-equipped Physics, Chemistry and Biology laboratories in its campus. Students are exposed to these laboratories for simplified learning and understanding under the supervision of competent teachers. Our students have taken up various projects that have won accolades at regional and national level science exhibitions organised by the CBSE board. Our laboratories help students to develop pragmatic logic and rationale.


We, at Bal Bharti, aim to give each one of our students, quality education. As a step towards this purpose, we have installed world-class infrastructure in the classrooms. To bring abstract and theoretical concepts to life, BBS has smart classrooms that are equipped with the latest digital technology. The school also has a data server where a backup is maintained of all files. This makes the process of learning fun and ensures the lasting impact on the tech-savvy minds of today’s generation. Also, it enables multi-sensory learning in classrooms.


Art and Craft are different process but hold the same meaning: CREATION. As an individual subject, it holds and supports the personal, social, moral, spiritual and creative development of our children. Bal Bharti School has a specialized room where students can take part in various art activities. The students enjoy creative activities like drawing and painting, pottery and sculpting, mural art, clay modelling, printmaking, tie-dye, doll-making, paper cutting and pasting and other artistic activities.


The Activity Area in the Junior Wing is one of the most popular locations of the school for the little ones. Throughout the year, the children take part in a variety of activities while exploring and honing their abilities. Along with it, we have a bright Play Zone situated in the beautiful green garden, which our young students enjoy a lot. They enjoy the colourful swings and slides, where they are under the constant supervision of the teachers.


The school places a great importance on the health and safety of its employees and pupils. That is why Bal Bharti School holds a fully equipped medical room staffed by a full-time nurse who can administer vital first aid to pupils in emergencies. The school doctor visits regularly for medical checkup of all students. Annual comprehensive health check-up camps are also held by a team of doctors from reputed hospitals.


School playground and arenas provide a unique opportunity for children where they can enjoy and allow themselves to become smarter, healthier, and stronger through play. We also have well-maintained and well-equipped sports facilities (Badminton Court, Football Field, Basketball Court).
Indoor games facilities like table tennis, chess, carom, etc. are also available to speed up the extracurricular activities.


The school encourages students to develop a sense of aesthetics, and as a result, the school has a well-equipped Music Room. Here, at Bal Bharti School, the students enjoy and take part in various activities like singing, dancing, and playing various instruments. We teach a range of different dance forms and music including classical, western, and folk styles to the school students. The Music Department also features a well-trained School Band to help kids learn music and dance.


The school places a prime focus on the safety and security of its students and employees. We take all the necessary safety precautions in place, from fire extinguishers to security guards and CCTV cameras across the campus, to monitor and manage any problem.


Teachers at Bal Bharti are encouraged to adapt and adopt new practices that acknowledge both the art and science of learning. They understand that the essence of education is a close relationship between a knowledgeable, caring adult and a secure, motivated child. They grasp that their most important role is to get to know each student as an individual in order to comprehend his or her unique needs, learning style, social and cultural background, interests, and abilities. Teachers also spend time researching various questions of educational effectiveness that expand the understanding of the dynamics of learning.